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Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Nevada GEAR UP
Nevada GEAR UP
Attention All 12th Grade Students

GEAR UP   (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) -

The GEAR UP program offers many services to increase basic academic skills that will enable your child to succeed in post secondary education and career choices.

We will be visiting colleges to introduce students to college life as well as inviting college coaches, financial aid speakers, college faculty members, alumni, and guest speakers to visit our campus. Parents will be invited to participate as chaperones on many of the trips. GEAR UP works with teachers, counselors, parents, and students to ensure that each individual is on track to graduate and be well prepared to pursue a college education, as well as assistance entering the work force after high school graduation.

In anticipation of our Seniors graduating, GEAR UP staff will be adding their focus in the following areas....FAFSA completion, scholorship information, college applications, ACT preparation, and career assistance.

  Another aspect of the GEAR UP program is Career Cruising which is an exciting, user-friendly and innovative program that GEAR UP implements to create a portfolio for all 12th grade students that will follow them throughout high school. Career Cruising is a web-based career exploration and planning tool that your child will use to explore career and college options that match their interests.   The program has career inventories, interviews with people in specific careers, and a glance at colleges that support those career choices as well as the financial commitments.  

All 12th grade students are eligible to participate in the PVHS GEAR UP cohort through their 12th grade school year as long as they maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average.

For more information, contact Lisa Hamrick, GEAR UP Site Representative 775-727-7737 ext. 2519
Or For more information on Nevada GEAR-UP please visit our web site at
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