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Power Hour
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Tuesday, November 07, 2017
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New Wednesday Schedule

November 7, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Expectations for Success: Power Hour

At PVHS, we will be making some changes in expectations for student success. Too often, it is easier for students to not do the work and take the zero on an assignment or a test. Students who are struggling with work completion, a bad grade on a test, or just need extra support will get the help they need. Power Hour will provide the extra time without taking away class time or the worry of after school transportation issues. In addition, we will still provide after school tutoring.

Nov 15th and every Wednesday after, we will modify our Advisory Schedule to include Power Hour. Students will report to advisory at 10:41 for grade conversations and goal setting. Students with less than 65% in any class will be assigned and required to work with a teacher from 11:07-11:47. Failure to attend will result in a minimum of an escort from Advisory to the teacher requesting the student. Juniors and Seniors with early release are obligated to stay for Advisory from 10:41-11:17 but not the extended Power Hour. Juniors and Seniors with full days are required to attend Power Hour just as any other student with less than 65%.

We have changed PVHS grading policies to hold students accountable for their learning. Our late work policy allows no more than a 20% deduction. However, teachers may require the work to be completed in Power Hour. Our test retake policy allows students to retake tests without penalty. Again, teachers may require students to attend a study session during Power Hour the week before the test retake. Teachers may also make changes to the test including format, for example: first test is multiple choice and second test is short answer.

Students with grades higher than 65% will have lunch from 11:17-12:17. We will have open library, gym/field time, and various activities available from 11:47-12:17 for this group. Freshmen and sophomores still have closed campus. If a freshman or sophomore leaves campus, the entire group that left together (including upper classmen) will spend the next two Power Hours in Detention. If a Junior or Senior is late returning from the hour lunch, he or she will lose the privilege of an hour lunch the following week.

I look forward to working together to reduce our D/F rate and help students experience the satisfaction of success.




Mrs. Ehrheart

PVHS Principal


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