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Friday, December 15, 2017
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New Club

In October of 2017, an original school organization titled the ‘Cactus Club' was founded. The goal was to create a fun and engaging extracurricular activity that any student, without prerequisite, no matter their abilities, interests, or associations could join. The club meets monthly. There is a membership fee of five dollars. Each member is entrusted with a baby cactus to care for and grow. They can name their cactus and decorate its pot any way they like. Despite a five dollar membership fee, within two weeks Cactus Club membership greatly exceeded the enrollment of any other school club. Using social media, word of mouth, and the enlistment of others’ assistance, the club was able to exceed an enrollment of over one-hundred members. Club membership continues to grow. An essential part of the Cactus Club vision is that it serve as a haven in which each student feels included in fun and meaningful ways. In addition to promoting friendship, the club uses the care and ownership of living cacti to encourage responsibility and desert conservation. After just three months, student, staff, and community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and spurred discussions of future club activities, field trips, and service projects. We hope that Cactus club will help build our school community and impact students for years to come.

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