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Enrollment/Registration/New Students


Enrollment Information:

If you are new to the area or transferring from another educational program (Online Charter School or Homeschool or Pathways) new enrollment is required. Enrollments are done by appointment only. Please contact Jennifer Shockley at 775-727-7737 ext. 3032 to make an appointment to enroll your student. Prior to your appointment you will need to go to the following link to register your student:


To enroll your student we will need the following documents/records:

Birth Certificate

Proof of Guardianship

Immunization Record

Transcript from previous school/Report Card

2 proofs of residency

Along with a completed enrollment packet (which you may pick up in the main office)

We look forward to having your student attend Pahrump Valley High School.


Contact Information:


Jennifer Shockley, Registrar


775-727-7737 ext. 3032


775-727-2284 fax email



Registrar- Jennifer Shockley

Phone: 775-727-7737 ext. 3032



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