Pick your Electives for 21-22 School Year!

To PVHS students, parents, and staff

The counseling department has worked diligently to allow students the opportunity to select their electives at their leisure for the upcoming school year. This has been a challenging process, as this endeavor is new to everyone involved. The counseling department has worked tirelessly with the district tech team to make this process as simple as possible.  

Before you begin, please be aware of the several new electives that PVHS is proud to offer. In the English department, Mr. Herron is now offering broadcasting. In the social studies department, AP human geography will be taught by Mr. Butt. We also have a couple of new AP core-content courses: AP US history will be taught by Mr. Joyce, and Mr. Pape will teach AP World History. In the math department, AP Statistics is returning to PVHS, along with regular calculus. Mrs. Hill will be teaching those classes. Finally, Mrs. Nicholas will teach hospitality & tourism. If you are interested in any of these new courses, please contact the respective instructor.  Also, please talk to Mr. Herron regarding yearbook and Mr. Williams regarding Leadership if you are interested in those opportunities as well.

As noted above, there have been several trials of course requests. The counseling department wants to apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. Below is the link to the video tutorial to learn the new (yet easier way) to request courses. Students will have the opportunity to place their electives right into their four-year plan as if they were completing the process with their counselor. Trying to identify semester one and two courses will not be an issue anymore either. Simply select the desired courses, save the modifications, and the counseling department will do the rest. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your respective counselor for additional support.  This process will also work for the incoming freshman at RCMS.  If you have an eighth-grade student, please follow the same instructions.  The RCMS staff also sent out a Google form for those that want to submit their requests that way.

Here’s the link to the tutorial:


For information regarding descriptions of electives, please click the link below:


Again, thank you for your time, patience, and participation.  We would appreciate you completing this process by Friday, April 30th.  

Thank you,

PVHS Counseling Team